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6 Things To Do When You Check Into Hotels in Fox Lake, IL

After a long day of hitting the road, there’s nothing better than settling into your hotel room and finally feeling an air of relaxation. But before kicking off your vacation festivities, Fox Lake Motel has listed these top 6 essentials you should look out for in any accommodation. With just a few quick steps, ensure that this stay is worth remembering!

  • Make sure your door locks

Travelers often think their doors will automatically lock behind them, but unfortunately, hotel doors can sometimes malfunction. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your belongings and safety vulnerable – double-check that you’ve securely locked up when stepping out! Avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations by ensuring it shuts tight before bed.

  • Know The Escape Route

Study the map on the back of the door for a few moments. That harmless-looking piece of paper may be all that stands between you and disaster; familiarize yourself with where every stairwell or exit is so you can make it out quickly if an emergency arises!

  • Wash Out The Hotel Room Glasses

Rinse the hotel glass before using it. A recent investigation by ABC revealed an alarming 73% of glasses were not sanitized properly.

  • Check the Sheets and Towels

Make sure you take the time to inspect those linens before going to bed! A quick peek at the sheets and towels can save some uncomfortable surprises later.

  • The TV remote

A movie and snacks are always a good idea. But don’t forget to clean the dirtiest item of them all – the TV remote! Take a moment and make sure you can rest easy knowing that it’s germ-free.

  • BEFORE Unpacking, check for Bed Bugs

Before settling in, complete one final step – checking for bed bugs. Even the fanciest hotels in Fox Lake, IL can experience infestations because these pesky critters travel easily with clothing and personal items. Be sure to check before unpacking your belongings!

Experience the beauty and relaxation of Fox Lake Bed & Breakfast. From cozy lodging to breathtaking views, your stay will be unforgettable!