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Fox Lake Motel Near Lake With Lots To Do

If you are searching for a great place to spend some time that has lots to offer, then look no further than Fox Lake.

Easy to access, Fox Lake boasts about a dozen boat launches, the majority on the southwest end of the lake where it joins Nippersink Lake, right by the southern shore. It even has a few at the north end for added convenience.

As you might imagine, Fox Lake is all about water activities, but has plenty to do out of the water as well. You can find all the options for fun in the sun at any of the Fox Lake Motel locations, and through the concierge at Fox Lake Hotels. Get your fill of watersports, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Drive your boat up to any of the water accessible eating and drinking establishments. And there is no shortage of berths for fuel, repairs, and fishing equipment for your angling pleasure. Rentals of watercraft are available with appropriate identification and payment.

Hotels in Fox Lake, Il, are the perfect haven for the fisherman who is looking for a nice long weekend on the lake, but let’s not forget those coming for a romantic getaway. Fox Lake Bed & Breakfast is the perfect stop for lovebirds who need some time away from the busy world.

If you are coming to fish, Fox Lake is chocked full of sport fish, and with the overall lake depth not exceeding 18 feet, getting your limit will be a snap. The best fishing spots are in three distinct coves, which are Minneola, Stanton, and Colombia, but it is not unlikely to catch Walleye, Catfish, White Bass, Perch, and Crappie from the extensive with the right bait, and a little patience.