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Tips for Staying Safe in a Fox Lake Motel

We have all stayed in motels on trips, vacations, and long-distance outings, and we have also calculated the risk of what might happen while we sleep away from the comfort of home. If you are worried about vulnerability while on the road, Fox Lake Bed & Breakfast has some helpful tips that can keep you safe.

Pick your destination wisely

Picking little more expensive Fox Lake hotels with better lighting, security, and less of a likelihood of catching a disease is a much better alternative to a cheap one that will not only give you a sleepless night but also possibly send you home with an infection or illness.

Social distancing is still important while on vacation

Wearing a mask, maintaining the six-foot rule, and adhering to pandemic protocols, will keep the virus from spoiling your time away. At our Fox Lake Motel we always keep the distance.

Request a room that hasn’t been used in a few days

If at all possible, a room that has been vacant for more than three days is best. The chemicals have had plenty of time to kill all of the bacteria. 

Put the do not disturb flag on the door

This will dissuade Fox Lake Motel housekeeping from adding to the number of people floating in and out of your room. If you need towels, they can leave them outside your door for safety.

Order room service instead of going out

The safety and hygiene protocols in the kitchen of hotels in Fox Lake, IL will be of a much higher standard than the ones at a busy restaurant.

Avoid gyms, spas, and pools

While you may want to work out while away, or go to the hot tub, these places are petri dishes. The use of a mask and drying of bodily moisture make this a breeding ground for the virus.