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How To Avoid A Bad Room in Hotels in Fox Lake, IL?

The “mistakes” that result in bad rooms in Fox Lake Hotels

Going cheap

There are few things in this life that you only do once, and getting a terrible room because you decide to pay very little for it is one of them. When it comes to hotels, motels, or even a Fox Lake bed and breakfast, remember that you get what you pay for. 

Using the wrong booking website.

Only go with reputable sites that have good reviews from happy customers. Some of these discount sites get great rates buying rooms for their clientele without knowing anything about the room in advance. 

Checking In Late

The later you check-in, the more likely you are to get a substandard room if you manage to get a room at all. For your, Fox Lake Motel stay, get there the usual check-in time or as close as possible. 

Being “rewarded” for rudeness

There are two people you never give your dour attitude to, and that is a restaurant server and the attendant who handles your room check-in. The fastest way to a bad meal, or in this case an awful room, is to be snappy at the desk agent. 

Being afraid to ask for a better room

Commonly, some people would rather be too nervous to ask for a better room if the assigned room is unsatisfactory. They want you to have a good experience so you will come again and write a good review. 


Getting the Room Your Deserve in Fox Lake Hotels

Check it out

Online reviews are a godsend to any traveler. Yes, some guests can be entitled and petty, but if you see enough of the same type of comments, that can spell out an important issue you might want to avoid. 

Manifest your hotel destiny

If you don’t like your room, asking for a better one is not as big a deal as you might think. Especially if staying in hotels in Fox Lake, IL. Calling ahead is always wise if you want a specific room. 

Ask again when you arrive. Ask the front desk attendant not to give you a room next to the ice machine, for example. It usually works.

Be specific

If you wish to be on a low floor, then ask. If you want to be near an elevator, then ask. They want to help, but you have to put the question out there.