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Things People Should Do In Fox Lake Hotels (To Be Good Guests)

Try not to make unnecessary noise and keep the noise level down.

It’s essential to be respectful of the guests next door. Always keep your music down, turn the television on low and try to make as little noise as possible. Make sure to close the door gently and when talking to someone in the hallway, try to lower down the voice.

Be Courteous to the Hotel Staff

We understand that long flight, heavy traffic, or delays can make travelers stress out. Fox Lake Motel wants you to have a good experience, so do not hesitate to give us a courteous suggestion or, when complaining, always express it politely.

Hang Up Towers If they don’t need to be replaced.

Fox Lake Hotels always prepares clean and fresh towels for our guests, but if you are always asking for new towels, you waste the resources and do unnecessary work for the staff.

Don’t make it hard for the staff to do their job.

It’s a perk to have a housekeeper to clean your room every day and make your bed. While Hotels in Fox Lake, IL, offer housekeeping services, it is respectful not to leave your clothes sprawled over the bed, or leave wet glasses on furniture, and place your things all over the floor.

Check-In And Out On Time

Fox Lake Bed & Breakfast allows early check-in and checks out but If you think you will be late for your check-in or check-out time, or you have a change of schedule, be sure to inform the hotel staff right away or ahead of time.

Don’t forget to tip where appropriate.

A savvy traveler leaves a tip for the staff on a daily or weekly basis. Fox Lake Hotels staff rotate each day, and you want to make sure and thank the people cleaning up after you or making your stay extra memorable and comfortable.